The beginning

At La Patronne, two-week winter residency I attended a month ago, I worked little bit on every project I have at the moment. One of them is to make a series of drapes (I first called them ponchos but I don’t like the word ‘poncho’ so now I call them ‘drapes.’), which initially were doodles with friends at home, then the doodle continued at a bar, then grew in a project.

During the residency, I sketched them digitally, testing colors and made some mini mock-ups.

I imagine (‘imagine’ is the keyword as it only lives in my head at the moment) that the real pieces will be oversized drapes which are made from hand dyed fabrics. I would also like to hand sew them, but that would require enormous patient, which I lack enormously. So let’s see ; )

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Paris was melting hot in June. For good and bad, I started a new printing project during this month, which involved lots of tests and patience. Good because I was experimenting with dye which works best in warm temperature, but bad because the printing process turned out to be quite a workout and the hot weather significantly shortened my patience. But at last, here they are – my first tea towel series!

I love the quality and the characteristic of linen, and it was important for me to print on 100% good quality linen. To print, I made giant stamps to press with dye paste. Pressing with hands was almost impossible from the beginning, so I ended up stepping, which quickly turned into dancing steps, on top of stamps. If you are interested, I shared work-in-progress some months ago.

I made a little online store RUE DES BELLES FEUILLES, where you will find more information about the tea towels. I’d very much appreciate if you head over to the store and check them out. And let me know what you think <3





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I’m no pro at building/coding websites, but I find building websites therapeutic. For some strange reasons, I enjoy changing colors and sizes by changing numbers and letters. I needed a break from projects I’m working on right now, so I redone my website:

Until now, has been my film portfolio site, showing my commercial and personal directing works. However, I thought it was necessary to change the structure this time around.

Since recent years, I’ve started developing interest in other forms beyond film/moving image, and I spend more and more of my time exploring those. I’ve been always told it is important to have a focus. And for me, that meant to separate every medium from another so each has its identity and a platform. However, now I’m more interested in mixing everything, and I want them to all merge into one voice, regardless of what the final output medium is. So my voice becomes the focus.

One sentence summary of the long explanation above is ‘the new website is a mess.’ It houses films, animations, wall paintings, art pieces, exhibitions without any categories. As I wrote under ‘info’ section, “it’s an eclectic mess of things I make.”

You might say it is confusing and you can’t tell what I actually do. But I have to say this is a better representation of who I am at the moment.

Well, go and hang out at and tell me what you think ; )

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After contacting dozens of people on Le Bon Coin (a sort of French Craigslist) and encountering two tricksters, I finally found my guitar.

Most ask me why with a bit of tartness, while only a very few are encouraging. My answer is I don’t know. Picking up guitar was an impulsive idea, which I just thought of one morning. I’ve never been good in music. I don’t play any instruments. I might even be a borderline tone-deaf. I sing out of tune. So if you are also wondering why, I don’t know.

So here is my guitar (doesn’t have a name yet, any ideas?), and yea, I’m gonna learn to play guitar and sing out of tune ; )

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logo GIVE ME AN ASSIGNMENT is an ongoing personal project I’ve invented. I’ve briefly mentioned about the project on the previous post, and I thought I should elaborate a bit more so that anyone who is interested can join in also.

I thought of this project firstly because I often kick myself for not doing personal projects. I believe most of the creatives are also kicking themselves in the butt for not making enough personal projects, unless you are a super, creative, self-confident, strong minded, solid, determined human being. Well, I am easily distracted, self-doubting, overwhelmed, often scared human being when it comes to personal projects. There are many reasons to why it is so damn hard to realize a personal project, but it boils down to this (at least for me): The openness and limitlessness are the biggest mind blocks.

So GIVE ME AN ASSIGNMENT is my attempt to resolve this. I am going to ask people whom I admire to give me assignments. I’ve created an opening letter with a project’s guideline to be sent to the possible project givers. It is a loose guideline with a few strict rules. It is loose that the output of the assignment can be in any form – film, animation, photograph, object, sound, etc. I’ve made this mostly for myself so that I take this project more seriously with a commitment. You can read the whole opening letter here.

I hope this ongoing project will help me to produce more and more often to practice and experiment my craft as a filmmaker and a creator. Moreover this will give me an excuse to contact those creatives I’ve admired for so long :) And get some great assignments along the way.

I’ll share the assignments here on the blog as I receive them. If you are like me and have a hard time coming up with and realizing your personal project, you are more than welcome to do these assignments with me :)

I already received the first assignment which I will post here tomorrow!

So who’s in?

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Voila! The website Mattie and I were building to house all the art pieces we make finally went online today! The place is called AMATEURS and the address is WWW.A-M-A-T-E-U-R-S.ORG .

We have been working on this site on and off for several months, and today it is finally out of its cave. We built this place so we can gather all our art works in one place and share with you : ) We hope this place will motivate us to create more, both big and small works, and to connect with those who find them interesting.

Come by and have a look. I’d really really like that ; )





When you are at the site, make sure you join our mailing list so we can keep you up to date with new works.


And of course, like us on Facebook page. You are awesome for liking us <3




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Starting a personal blog was one of my new year’s resolutions of 2013. More than a year later, here I am struggling to write my very first post. Sigh..

I hold it off for so long, because I have all the reasons not to have a blog. I am not a good writer, mediocre at best. I don’t like to talk about myself in fear of boring others. I prefer listening over talking. I’d be the least likely person to start a blog. Few friends I told of my intension of starting a blog were very puzzled and unsure. Only one person gave me a proud smile, but only because she knew how hard and scary this must be for me.

But I am braving it, because something tells me that I need this place. So in my mediocre writing, let me answer your questions.

Who are you?
I’m Jin Angdoo. Roughly put, I lived the first decade of my life in Korea, the second in Los Angeles, the third in Europe (Treviso to Amsterdam to Paris). I work as a director, making TV commercials, online films, occasional music videos and personal films. When I’m not directing, I practice to be an artist by making art pieces and a graffiti writer by painting on walls.

Why are you starting this blog?
My interests and projects span across many disciplines. I often get mixed up in different things I do and in my thoughts, because I don’t talk about them. I want this place to be where I can freely share and document my doings and my likings without the fear of boring anyone. I hope this place becomes the common ground which ties everything I do as one. And possibly and hopefully, I’d very much like to connect with those like-minded people who find this place interesting.

It sounds like you need a therapy more than a blog.
Yes, I agree. I’ve seen many bloggers who started their blogs as a way to find themselves. Maybe I’m doing that too. At least blogging is cheaper than going to a therapy.

Blogging is a thing of the past, you should Instagram.
I also Instagram sometimes. But I want to create a place with contents with my voice, not just a photo diary.

Are you going to blog about food?
No, probably not. I am a good eater but not a good cook.

About fashion and latest trends?
Nope, definitely not. My lack of knowledge in fashion brand is almost embarrassing.

Then what is your blog about?
To be completely honest, I am not sure yet. A wise man, who also happens to be my boyfriend, tells me, “you need to know what your blog is going to be about before you start one.” Very true. But for now, I know I’ll write about my projects and their processes, my interests and my thoughts, and my dreams and my hopes. And I’m sure it’ll grow into something.

So welcome and nice to meet you. I’m very glad you are here. I hope I haven’t bore you yet, and I hope you’ll visit me soon again. Ok, here we go : )

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