logo GIVE ME AN ASSIGNMENT is an ongoing personal project I’ve invented. I’ve briefly mentioned about the project on the previous post, and I thought I should elaborate a bit more so that anyone who is interested can join in also.

I thought of this project firstly because I often kick myself for not doing personal projects. I believe most of the creatives are also kicking themselves in the butt for not making enough personal projects, unless you are a super, creative, self-confident, strong minded, solid, determined human being. Well, I am easily distracted, self-doubting, overwhelmed, often scared human being when it comes to personal projects. There are many reasons to why it is so damn hard to realize a personal project, but it boils down to this (at least for me): The openness and limitlessness are the biggest mind blocks.

So GIVE ME AN ASSIGNMENT is my attempt to resolve this. I am going to ask people whom I admire to give me assignments. I’ve created an opening letter with a project’s guideline to be sent to the possible project givers. It is a loose guideline with a few strict rules. It is loose that the output of the assignment can be in any form – film, animation, photograph, object, sound, etc. I’ve made this mostly for myself so that I take this project more seriously with a commitment. You can read the whole opening letter here.

I hope this ongoing project will help me to produce more and more often to practice and experiment my craft as a filmmaker and a creator. Moreover this will give me an excuse to contact those creatives I’ve admired for so long :) And get some great assignments along the way.

I’ll share the assignments here on the blog as I receive them. If you are like me and have a hard time coming up with and realizing your personal project, you are more than welcome to do these assignments with me :)

I already received the first assignment which I will post here tomorrow!

So who’s in?

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