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I’m starting a new project called “Give Me An Assignment.” It will be an ongoing project, which I will ask people I’m fond of (because of what they do or because of who they are) to give me short and sweet projects to realize. I will tell you more about it in the near future : ) The first project of “Give Me An Assignment” series involves stones. Ever since I had this idea lingering in my head, I looked for stones whenever I’m outside. It turns out, it is not so easy to find stone in the city. I just never realized that until I needed to find some.

So I went to a near by forest for some stone hunting session. Of course I got distracted along the way : )


There were many groups of old men playing pétanque. This is everyone’s favorite game during the summer in France. Even though I am no good at throwing these iron balls, I love it.




Obviously, these guys were pros.




Once I got into the forest, there were so many little paths I would’ve liked to explore. But this forest has a reputation of being a little dangerous, so I didn’t feel like taking small paths.



Something that distracts me very easily are the leaves. The formation and repeating patterns within the leaf structure is fascinating. Seriously, I can just stare and look for the repeating pattern within the pattern within the pattern within the pattern… I especially liked this one above.







Once I got out of the forest, I saw this giant mirror on the street. If I had a car instead of a bike, I would’ve totally brought this one back home with me. By the way, I wore the unfitting clothes for the weather once again, which I do quite often. I don’t know why I wore all those clothes plus the cardigan when it was summer hot!



So here are the rocks I’ve collected!! Their true color and shine came out once I’ve washed and dried them. The textures and colors within each stone are amazing to look at.




I’ll be doing more stone huntings these coming days. By the way, is stone hunting a known hobby? Otherwise I’ll start one.

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My weekend was calm and productive – a bit of yoga, a bit of painting and a bit of crocheting. I finished painting on all the linen tea towels I’ve made. Now, I’d like to hang all of them on a giant wall to take a photo all together, but I don’t know any place with a giant wall. I have to see what I can find. But I hope I can take some photos and show them to you soon.



I wanted a small basket in my bathroom to hold some miscellaneous things . So I decided to make one by crocheting a rope. Since I’ve never done this before, I first turned to few Youtube video tutorials. All of them were strict about following patterns, such as the number of stitches, the number of increase, when to increase, marking the start of the row, etc. I tried to follow the pattern and count my stitches in the beginning, but soon I got distracted and lost my count, and the bobby pin marking the beginning of the stitch fell out. So I decided to improvise, which is my specialty ; ) Well, I had to improvise anyways because my hook was way too small for the rope. While crocheting, I hung out with my plants : ) I’ve planted the seeds of basil, rosemary, thyme and tomato a few months ago (for the first time!), and they’ve grown so much since! They are overcrowded as I later found out that I scattered too many seeds in each pot. Soon I have to separate them, but they look so fragile and I’m afraid I’ll just hurt them. If you have any tips, please share!








So it is proudly hanging in my bathroom now. Not bad at all : ) How was your weekend?

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Finally I’m making my tea towels! If you had known that I started talking about this project two years ago, you’d be as excited as me. Finally! Is it just me or every project seems to have a need to hibernate in me for a long while until I become too full of it that I have to let it out. Well, the project was simple. I wanted to make a series of hand painted linen tea towels. Simple enough. Then why did it take this long to actually do it? Fear I suppose. Well, let me explain. There are a few reasons why I came up with this project. One, I like handsome tea towels. Oh I really do. They make me feel like I live in a cosy farm house. Two, I like linen. I’m drawn to its texture and how it gets softer with every wash. Three, I wanted to start painting again.

I painted throughout high school. Then I gradually stopped painting in university as I focused on digital media. That was many many years ago. Recently, I wanted to paint again, but the idea of painting on a blank canvas scared me. The permanence of a canvas is darn scary (complete contrary to painting on walls, which will be covered by others in a day or less if the sun’s out). So I decided to paint on tea towels. It is not a precious thing which belongs on a wall, but rather a functional thing which must be used. This somehow takes the pressure off. This might seem insignificant, but for this very reason, this is a milestone for me to actually realize this project.

For about a week now, I’ve been busy with meters of natural linen in different weights. I pre-washed them, cut them, hemmed the edges, painted, iron-pressed for the paint to set, then washed to make them soft again – while listening to Stuff You Should Know podcast none stop (the only podcast I listen to, which is awesomely funny and interesting). I still have a few more to make, but I wanted to share some photos with you : )





Some digital sketches.









I also sewed the cotton loops for easy hanging. What’s a tea towel without a loop?! ; )

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potatostampMattie and I potato stamp carving, three years ago.

I haven’t posted anything here for nearly a week. Bad bad me. But I was too occupied with another project and had no time to write a post. This new project! Well, it is not so new in fact. When Mattie and I got together more than three years ago, while we were carving potato stamps for fun, we came up with an idea of building a website together where we can show everything we ‘make,’ including the potato stamp prints we were making at that time.  We discussed the possible names of the site, what it’d be like, how nice it would be, but it never went further than words, and we soon stopped talking about it. Then few months ago, we started talking about it again, and this time, we are actually making it real : )

I’ve been working on and off since February to build the site. By the way, this is the reason why I started fiddling with WordPress, and got addicted playing with WordPress, which got me to build my portfolio website and this very blog recently. The function of our website is to house everything we ‘make.’ This includes art works, but often, things we enjoy making are not clearly art nor design, but lay somewhere in between. We’d like this site to be a home for all of them. I’m especially hopeful and excited about this, because along with our brand new studio space, it will encourage us to make more things we like to make.

This past week, we’ve been busy taking photos of our works that will go on our website in our new studio space. It was quite painful to hammer nails on a newly painted white wall, but Mattie reminded me that this is why we made the studio space in the first place. Yes, he is the wise one ; )

amateurs_wip 2

amateurs_wip 3

amateurs_wip 1

amateurs_wip 6

amateurs_wip 7

The website is nearly finished now, and here’s a blurry sneak peek of our website : ) I hope we can launch it very soon. I can’t wait to show it to you all! Happy weekend!

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This past weekend’s mission was to turn the bedroom into a studio! After much thought and consideration, our conclusion came down to this: A studio is more important than a bedroom. After many repetitions of plastering and sand-papering, the flat and everything in it (including humans) are covered in white fine powder. I’m slightly anxious about dusting down the house, but I’m very excited that we will soon have a space devoted to paint, shoot and make. I’ll report back when it is ready! Happy Monday : )

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