Sun sun sun in Marseille. Always.

After the residency in La Patronne early this year, I spent a few days in Marseille before returning to Paris.

Eating navettes sort of became a must whenever I go to Marseille. I haven’t seen them anywhere else but Marseille, and they are so yum! These are from Four des Navettes who have been baking navettes since 1781!

On the return day to Paris, while eating french fries waiting for the train, I realized I forgot my laptop at my friend’s house. The train was leaving in a few minutes and my friend was returning home only in the evening. So Mattie and I had to miss our train and were forced to stay one more day in Marseille. Not knowing how to spend a whole extra unexpected day in Marseille, we walked to the seaside, laid down, got comfortable and watched seagulls.

It was our bonus day <3

We had another adventurous moment the morning after at the train station. We left our luggages at the train station when we missed our train, but when we got to the locker room in the morning, we learned that its opening hour was after our train time (panic). We were lucky to find someone to beg and able to access our locker just in time for the train, but people, always check the opening hours before you lock your stuff away! Lessons learned ; )

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