Towards the end of November last year, Mattie and I booked our tickets to Korea. My last trip to Korea was about six years ago, and I’ve been dying to visit with Mattie. And five days after we booked our flights, we were in Seoul. If you didn’t know already, we are not much of a planner ; )

In short, Korea is great fun. I was born in Korea and spent my first 11 years there. So take this with a grain of bias, but if you’ve never been there, you are missing out. Big time.

Warning – this post will be a little longer than usual with many photos of food. After all, I was a tourist and had document what I ate.

Gwangjang Market 광장시장

Namdaemun Market 남대문 시장

National Hangeul Museum 국립한글박물관, reserve a free English tour

Yongma Land 용마랜드, abandoned amusement park


After a few days in Seoul, we took a bus down to Andong, known for Andong-jjimdak (chicken dish) and Hahoe Folk Village 안동 하회마을. Andong-jjamdak and Hahoe village were all top, but the highlight could be the cream cheese bread from Mammoth Bakery (맘모스제과 크림 치즈 빵). A crowd waited inside the bakery for this bread to come out from the oven, and once they were put on the shelf, everyone grabbed a dozen or more each. Not knowing any better, we just got one. Next time I’m grabbing a dozen too. It was seriously good. No joke.

Hahoe Folk Village 하회마을


We then moved to Sokcho, a far northeast fishing town next to Seoraksan national park. We walked around Sokcho, hiked Seoraksan for 7 hours, visited Naksansa and ate the best handmade jjajangmyeon.

Seoraksan Heundeulbawi 설악산 흔들바위

Seoraksan Ulsanbawi 설악산 울산바위

Seoraksan Towangseong waterfall 설악산 토왕성폭포, reopened after 45 years

Naksansa 낙산사

We took a bus back to Seoul from Sokcho, then we flew over to Tokyo the day after.

If you are going to Korea soon, lucky you!


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