It snowed in Paris this week! It properly snowed on the second day that the snow stayed on roofs, balconies, my outside plants, streets, everywhere. Such a rare view! It made recent freezing cold weather worthwhile.

We had some friends visiting us this week, and one of them a Brazilian, who has never seen snow in her life. She made a snowman on our balcony with bare hands and she didn’t seem to mind the cold at all. I can only imagine how she could have felt when she saw and touched the snow for the first time. It must have been magical.

At midnight, we all ran out of the house to see the sparkling Eiffel towel under the snow. We were a little late so we only saw the last few seconds of the sparkle, but it was beautiful to see Trocadero all white and empty. There was a dog being wild in the snow, and I wished I were a dog too. Then of course our outing turned into an epic snow fight, and I’m sure I had as much fun as that dog.

As soon as I moved to Paris several years ago, Paris no longer became a cliché most-romantic-city-in-the-world to me as I uncovered its raw and rough face, which in truth I prefer. But when it is covered in white white fluffy snow at midnight with the Eiffel towel as the backdrop with no tourist around, yes, Paris is the most romantic city in the world.

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