When I was at Galerie 126 last September for an exhibition, I snuck some photos of Quentin Chambry‘s pottery corner. Quentin is possibly the friendliest dude you might ever meet. And he is also an artist who runs Galerie 126 with a few of his friends who also might be the friendliest bunch you might ever meet. For a side note, Mattie and I aka AMATEURS did a residency and an exhibition in 2015 at Galerie 126 which was a dream ; )

He’s been making these vases which closely resemble his drawings for his past exhibitions, and I always loved them. Since I took these photos, some have been glazed which I saw in his instagram.

Check out his work on his site and follow his instagram.

Alert! Quentin and his friends, Guillaume Pellay and Alexis Poline, are having an exhibition <Die Drei Clementinen> at Raum Vollreinigung in Berlin. Berliners, go to the opening today (February 10, 2017) at 19h and say hi for me : )

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