My first attempt to grow an avocado plant ended when nothing happened. When the pit was half dunked under water for a month and I saw no sign of anything happening, I thought I’ve done something wrong or something was wrong with the avocado pit, and it went into trash. Turns out, I had to wait longer. Way longer. I found this out when my second attempt started rooting only after perhaps four months or when I actually forgot about it.

Now I have several in different stages, one making baby leaves, some rooting, one just starting to split in the middle where the root begins.

: – )

Last November, I also collected some tangerine seeds which I de-skinned and germinated. Now they are planted in soil and starting to grow baby leaves.

They are all happily chilling in front of the window : )

It is magical to me to grow plants from seeds in my food, which actually should be so normal and natural, but sadly lost in our times. Let me know if you also plant seeds from your food ; )

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