As I posted here a few days ago, we had our zine launch this past Saturday at Module.

We had posters on the wall, which were the extra or experimental prints we made during the making of the zines, and also nailed the tea towels on the wall. We showed our zines on a long table.

I’ve been to exhibitions, openings and launches, but it definitely feels different when you are on the other side. Especially since this was my first time doing any sort of launch, and although it was a small one and Mattie was doing it with me, I was still, as always, shy about showing my works. But many came by to check out what we have made, showed interest, and hung out with us through out the day despite the rainy weather.

As we were metro’ing back home at the end of the day, I realized how amazing it is that people would give us their precious time and hard earned money for what we make. Truly grateful. Also big big thanks to Module for opening the space for us, for the generosity, for making this possible <3




Zines and posters: will be on Éditions Peinture‘s site soon.

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