One day, a randomly realized that I’m in three different groups, and as I’ve never been a part of any sort of groups until recent years, this surprised me. First is a graffiti crew Moderne Jazz which I often speak of or about on this blog, the second is AMATEURS which embodies Mattie and I whenever we make something or do exhibitions together, then the third and the most recent is the Club du Dessin. This is a very small group of illustrators and artists who get together monthly at a chosen location to draw for a day.

Around this time last year, Vanessa from the club invited me to join. Oh, I was very excited and honored for the invite, but it also made me nervous as I have fear of spending time with people I don’t really know and most importantly, I don’t really draw. But I braved it, joined the club, tried to draw, made new friends and very happy to be a part of the club : )

For this month’s session, Vanessa, Amélie, Loren, Coline, Hélène, Jean-Phillippe and I (although I was a little late oops) met at Galerie de Botanique (herbier museum) and Grandes Serres (botanical garden).

Amélie Fontaine

For every session, we meet in the morning and everyone roams around the place and draws. Then we gather for lunch. This could be one of my favorite moments, because where to eat is as equally important as where to draw – the rule which does not apply when I’m with other crews like Moderne Jazz ; ) Therefore, with Club du Dessin, I always eat well.

Loren Capelli

Vanessa Dziuba

Jean-Phillipe Bretin

Amélie Fontaine

During lunch, we also share our morning drawings. Then we go back and draw some more.

Hélène Thomas

Vanessa Dziuba

Coline  Oliviero

Check out instagram #clubdudessin if you want to see more.

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