Alexis Poline aka Soir made a fanzine with Éditions Peinture, and it’s appropriately titled <SOIR>. It’s printed with a spirit duplicator – an obsolete printing method which Éditions Peinture brought back to make an ongoing series of artist fanzines.

Drawings in Alexis’ fanzine derived from his small sketches (and notes) in his small sketchbook which he carries around everywhere (as it also functions as his wallet where he keeps his ATM card, shhhhh). So looking through the fanzine <SOIR> is as if you are looking into his private sketchbook, meaning it’s definitely worth a look and every penny ; )

Two extra notes –

One, Alexis Poline’s crew <Les Trois Clémentines> with Guillaume Pellay and Quentin Chambry is currently having an exhibition at Raum Vollreinigung in Berlin. I would definitely go if I were you ; )

Two, yes, I’m wearing a ski onesie in these photos. It has been that cold in my house.




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