Besides the new white wall, we also got a new furniture – flat file drawers. Mattie and I were eyeing for this for many years to find a way to organize and store our ever growing art prints and posters we have made and also collected. But they were always too expensive and moreover too big for our tiny flat. But one day we found one at leboncoin (French second hand market) which all the stars sort of lined up – price was reasonable, size was (almost) workable and the nice sellers were willing to deliver.
After carrying it up six floors one drawer at a time and cutting through our bookshelf (yes, we cut off the bottom half of our bookshelf), oh we are so happy to have this in our living room.

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My first attempt to grow an avocado plant ended when nothing happened. When the pit was half dunked under water for a month and I saw no sign of anything happening, I thought I’ve done something wrong or something was wrong with the avocado pit, and it went into trash. Turns out, I had to wait longer. Way longer. I found this out when my second attempt started rooting only after perhaps four months or when I actually forgot about it.

Now I have several in different stages, one making baby leaves, some rooting, one just starting to split in the middle where the root begins.

: – )

Last November, I also collected some tangerine seeds which I de-skinned and germinated. Now they are planted in soil and starting to grow baby leaves.

They are all happily chilling in front of the window : )

It is magical to me to grow plants from seeds in my food, which actually should be so normal and natural, but sadly lost in our times. Let me know if you also plant seeds from your food ; )

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It snowed in Paris this week! It properly snowed on the second day that the snow stayed on roofs, balconies, my outside plants, streets, everywhere. Such a rare view! It made recent freezing cold weather worthwhile.

We had some friends visiting us this week, and one of them a Brazilian, who has never seen snow in her life. She made a snowman on our balcony with bare hands and she didn’t seem to mind the cold at all. I can only imagine how she could have felt when she saw and touched the snow for the first time. It must have been magical.

At midnight, we all ran out of the house to see the sparkling Eiffel towel under the snow. We were a little late so we only saw the last few seconds of the sparkle, but it was beautiful to see Trocadero all white and empty. There was a dog being wild in the snow, and I wished I were a dog too. Then of course our outing turned into an epic snow fight, and I’m sure I had as much fun as that dog.

As soon as I moved to Paris several years ago, Paris no longer became a cliché most-romantic-city-in-the-world to me as I uncovered its raw and rough face, which in truth I prefer. But when it is covered in white white fluffy snow at midnight with the Eiffel towel as the backdrop with no tourist around, yes, Paris is the most romantic city in the world.

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I’m a little shy asking people to buy my tea towels, so I opened an Instagram account @RUEDESBELLESFEUILLES to speak about it without feeling ashamed ; )
It is a new account with only a few posts so far, but surprisingly this account feels more personal than my main account. Something about not having many followers somehow gives me freedom to speak and post more freely and personally.

If you are curious, follow along. I’d be happy to see you there : )

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Some time ago, I publicly asked for anyone out there to send me a postcard Paul Cox has made for Théâtre du Nord, and look! Jeromy from Emporium’s sent me, not one, but the whole series of postcards! Thanks Jeremy! I’m the happiest.

By the way, check out Emporium’s if you haven’t yet. It is an art blog, covering artists, exhibitions, books, events and more. You can also follow on Instagram.

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Our Moderne Jazz exhibition finished two weeks ago. Fun time exhibiting with Moderne Jazz friends. Thanks again for those who came out for vernissage, finissage and in between : ) Here is my piece I made for the exhibition in movement. Perhaps the shadow looks better than the actual piece.

Something about mobile that is so zen. Hope you have a zen week : )

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Mattie and I are printing these days, using the same technique I used to print the tea towels with giant stamps and dyes. Just like how it was with the tea towels, it is a long process.
We are happy printing something special for special people, but we will be happy (or happier) when it is done : )

I will share with you soon when it’s all done!

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Paul Loubet is a French artist based in Valencia, Spain. But I often forget that he is French because he was living in Argentina when I first met him several years ago, and since then he seems to be at different places every time I hear of him.

I still remember when I saw his big canvas for the first time on flickr. I was fascinated and impressed by his strange universe, and I dreamed of owning this canvas.

A few days ago, there was a vernissage of his exhibition with Galerie Bomma in Paris. His strange universe is currently full of missile shooting drones.

His canvases and wood works are mix of matte and shiny, and it is beautiful to see in person. So stop by.

Now I dream of owning this canvas above… ꒰◍ᐡᐤᐡ◍꒱

Check Paul’s work on his site, follow his Instagram and flickr or get tattooed by him ; )




December 2 – December 10, 2017
49 Rue de la Cour des Noues, Paris 20

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One day, a randomly realized that I’m in three different groups, and as I’ve never been a part of any sort of groups until recent years, this surprised me. First is a graffiti crew Moderne Jazz which I often speak of or about on this blog, the second is AMATEURS which embodies Mattie and I whenever we make something or do exhibitions together, then the third and the most recent is the Club du Dessin. This is a very small group of illustrators and artists who get together monthly at a chosen location to draw for a day.

Around this time last year, Vanessa from the club invited me to join. Oh, I was very excited and honored for the invite, but it also made me nervous as I have fear of spending time with people I don’t really know and most importantly, I don’t really draw. But I braved it, joined the club, tried to draw, made new friends and very happy to be a part of the club : )

For this month’s session, Vanessa, Amélie, Loren, Coline, Hélène, Jean-Phillippe and I (although I was a little late oops) met at Galerie de Botanique (herbier museum) and Grandes Serres (botanical garden).

Amélie Fontaine

For every session, we meet in the morning and everyone roams around the place and draws. Then we gather for lunch. This could be one of my favorite moments, because where to eat is as equally important as where to draw – the rule which does not apply when I’m with other crews like Moderne Jazz ; ) Therefore, with Club du Dessin, I always eat well.

Loren Capelli

Vanessa Dziuba

Jean-Phillipe Bretin

Amélie Fontaine

During lunch, we also share our morning drawings. Then we go back and draw some more.

Hélène Thomas

Vanessa Dziuba

Coline  Oliviero

Check out instagram #clubdudessin if you want to see more.

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12 of us Moderne Jazzers – Christ, Cor21, Frida, Gsulf, Hams, Ishem 8, Matti, Noteen, Obisk, Yor81, ンタン – had a vernissage of our third exhibition together last Saturday (Nov 11) at Module in Paris. We all made a children’s toy and some sketches,ンタン made the poster above and Christ wrote the text about the exhibition. Here is a quick peek of the exhibition, but for all the details, you should go to the exhibition in person ; )







Ishem 8







Big big thanks to everyone who came out under the rain, it was fun : )




November 11 – December 1, 2017
Open every Saturday 16h to 19h
9 rue Cyrano de Bergerac
75018 Paris

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